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Training and Enablement Sessions:

HR Business Partnering Fundamentals
An enablement course for professionals switching into a People partnering role.

A one-day session that provides the essential knowledge around the People Partnering (HR Business Partnering) in organizations. The session consists of 3 parts where you will learn about:   

  • What is “People Partnering” and why is it important? 

  • What are the most common structures and responsibilities of People Partners in various stages of startups? 

  • When do you need to start thinking about People Partnering in an organisation?

  • What skills and knowledge do I need to have in a People Partnering role?

  • How to transition into People Partnering?

  • How to set yourself for success in a new role? 

  • What are the core roles of a People Partner?

  • How to set a long term path for your growth as a People Partner?

The core audience for this session are TA professionals who tend to take over also the more classical HR & People tasks in early stage startups, as well as professionals who would like to switch into a People (HR Business) Partner role. 

The course consists of 6 hours session and three additional 1:1 mentoring and advisory sessions (each 45 min). 

We run the sessions on a cohort as well as demand basis. Interested to find out more? Get in touch with us here.  

What makes our sessions so special

Unique combination of domain expertise and training methods

Our team of instructors has a very unique set of expertise that includes a deep level of People, Talent and Culture domain know-how combined with an extensive experience in the field of Learning and Development. This helps us to create an enjoyable learning experience for our learners based on the best-practices from the field of trainings and enablment while providing a deep level of domain insights.         

Practical hands-on format 

While designing the learning content for our sessions we prioritize the practical knowledge that the learners will take with them from our sessions. Hence, to increase the learning impact, we make sure that additionally to the theoretical knowledge, our learners get equipped with practical skills that they will need to master the new challenges. 


Multi-layered learning experience

Our learning experience is designed in a way where the learners have an opportunity, additionally to the in-person sessions, benefit also from our various layers of learning experience, such as 1:1 sessions, community chats and in person meetups.    

My Approach
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